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If you're honest, you like the unfamiliar. You're caught by the beats, rhythms, and melodies you've never connected to, yet mix all the music you love. We know. Because that's who we are, too.


Red Glow Buffalo creates the music that made you scrape to get tickets to your first indie festival, that drove you to sneak into a dive bar at 17; the music that still drives you to grab your buds and seek out a live show.


When Leif Masella (Vocals, Guitar) and Matt Thacker (Guitar) met in 2014 in Bozeman, MT, they formed RGB by melding their love of off-kilter indie, outlaw, and stinky pop into an affinity for catchy, story-oriented melodies. Rob Lehrkind (Drums) joined in 2016 and pushed RGB's burgeoning diversity into realms of alt, pop punk, and lessons on how beats and rhythm should never be defined. Greg Sullivan (Bass) joined because he plays his instrument as it's meant to be played: inspired by jazz, jam, and juice.


Red Glow Buffalo knows that a show is not a concert. Concerts are where the dude with the chair blocks your view from the blanket. First time RGBers and our growing crew of Red Glowing Buffalos speak that our shows bring them to move and shake, inspire laughter, and invite them to sing along. Not from the blanket, but from the tops of their bar stools.

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